Does Your Business Need a Payment Gateway?

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    Payment Gateways

    When it comes to accepting payments, security is a top priority for most businesses. With a payment gateway, the task of ensuring your customers’ information stays safe is done for you. Whether you need a simple payment gateway that accepts credit card and debit card information or you need a sophisticated platform that handles additional payment types, such as PayPal or vouchers, and support for point of sale transactions, Bancard Technology Solutions will recommend and set you up with a secure payment gateway that suits your business’s needs.

    Easy Integration with E-Commerce Platforms

    Whether you’re using one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify or WooCommerce, or you’re one of the lesser known ones, Bancard Technology Solutions will match you with a payment gateway that easily integrates with whatever system you’re using to sell your products.

    Secure Encryption of Customer Data

    Cybersecurity is a major concern for many businesses, especially those that accept credit card and debit card payments online and in-store. Bancard Technology Solutions can help you integrate a secure payment gateway that uses SSL encryption when sending customer information to your payment processor - giving you and your customers peace of mind.

    Insights into Your Business

    Want to know how your business is doing in real time? Bancard Technology Solutions will set you up with a payment gateway that offers vital insights and reporting, so you can get a glimpse of how you can improve your sales and whether or not your promotions are working. 

    See What Our Clients Say

    “Thanks to the wide range of services offered by Bancard Technology Solutions, we were able to quickly get our eCommerce business up and running, and since the launch we’ve added to our business each year using the merchant cash advance.”

    “Bancard Technology Solutions made it very simple for us to start taking payments online, and the added security is helping us build trust with our customers.”

    “Setting up the eCommerce portion of our business was really easy thanks to Bancard Technology Solutions. The technology was integrated with our website fast, and we feel secure knowing we’re PCI compliant.”

    “Bancard Technology Services helped me position my business to take advantage of the latest in payment technology. They explained everything I needed to know about mobile payments and made it easy to start accepting them.”

    “It’s always a pleasure working with Bancard Technology Solutions. Their services save us a ton of time, prevent a lot of headaches, and help us focus on our customers.”

    “We’ve appreciated Bancard’s open communication and welcomeness throughout our time with them.”

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